GP17-ryhmä Jukka Male Museossa 26.1.-17.2.2018

Jukka Male Museo: Työväen Sivistysliiton valokuvauslinjan lopputyönäyttely 9.–21.1.2018

Till the end of the year 2017: Erilaiset – The Different Ones.

TAKAMOWA. Women and men – the conflict of their roles. Documentary film.

CLICK HERE. This is the LINK to the movie trailer of the document TAKAMOWA

TAKAMOWA is a documentary film assessing the influence that sexuality, gender roles and the expectations and prejudices attached to them, have on our everyday lives and our behavior. The movie contains a number of interviews with different ordinary Polish people, demonstrating that there is no one right path to become a woman or a man or something else, there is no single route to a defined gender identity: all individual people are different.

The film is still in making and planned to get published at the end of 2017 at least in some form. Here some pictures of people  from the film.

Stop-valokuvanäyttely 27.5.– 14-6.2017 Jukka Male Museossa.

EriValo valokuvanäyttely 20.4.–14.5.2017 Jukka Male Museossa.

JUKKA MALE MUSEO 17.3.–17.4.2017 LÄHELLÄ/GP17.


Cubao – Jukka Male Museo 6.1.-27.1.2017

Häiriö – Jukka Male Museo 10.12.-3012.2016

Kuva Reima Heimonen.