Oqaatsut – small village in a big world. Greenland 1984-1997.

What is small tends to be less important. The time I was in Oqaatsut it only had 52 inhabitants, now it's 40.

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CHINO – Barcelona from 1991 till Today.

Miguel en su casa con tijeras.

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Warm remembrances from a train trip in Ukraine.

Trainy Day in Ukraine just before the collapse of the USSR. Close to the border of Poland.

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Early Pearls.

These pictures do not have anything in common except they are photographed long time ago. Different situations, different cities, different countries. Russian was that time USSR, Poland also behind the Iron Curtain, Germany was still divided in two. Life was different those days, life is different these days.

Last picture ever made of Leningrad. USSR.

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Europe today – Eurooppa tänään 2015.

BALKAN, UKRAINE AND EUROPE. Click to ‘SEE MORE’ to view all the pictures.

Europe has changed and we are confused about the change. Life was supposed to be a sweet dream, but the dream
is turning into a nightmare. As with all dreams, we don’t know how this one will end before we’ll wake up, if we can
know it even then.

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Średnia Wieś – A Polished Village. From 1979 to 2015.

Kazimierz Rajchel 1979-2013.

Średnia Wieś 1981.

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Krym as it was.

Krym, Vidradne. Dawno, kauan, long time.

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The Sex – Hidden Agenda.

Some pictures from the coming project “THE SEX – hidden agenda”. It is about sex and its influence on us. Not only about the sexuality itself but also how its hidden forms has divided the world. Even when it is a new project it will contain a lot pictures which are taken earlier. It is very much still in the process. See the section FILM, this topic has turned partly to a movie.
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INDUSTRIAL BEAUTY. Industrial Thinking.

Artificial clouds from the Electric Power Plant. Jaworzno 2014.

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Balkan – Other. (pelkkä teksti) Balkanin tragedia-näyttelyn suomenkielinen johdanto sekä otteita muistiinpanoista.

Other – Balkanin tragedia. (näyttelyn johdanto 2000-luvun alusta). Katso kuvat PDF/englanninkielinen versio.

Eurooppaa asuttaa nyt suurelta osalta sotaa kokematon väestö. Väkivallaksi räjähtänyt Balkan pakottaa meidät opiskelemaan sotaa uutena asiana. Järjestäytynyt väkivalta on vaikeasti ymmärrettävää. Sotiin liittyvät tapahtumat ovat taustoiltaan monimutkaisia ja samalla yksinkertaisen väkivaltaisia. Yhteiskunta toimii sodassa itsensä tuottamaa moraalia vastaan. Meidän pitäisi siis osata vastustaa sotaa ja samalla hyväksyä sen aggressiivinen luonne.

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