The Sex – Hidden Agenda.

Some pictures from the coming project “THE SEX – hidden agenda”. It is about sex and its influence on us. Not only about the sexuality itself but also how its hidden forms has divided the world. Even when it is a new project it will contain a lot pictures which are taken earlier. It is very much still in the process. See the section FILM, this topic has turned partly to a movie.

In the Moscow Metro in 1986.

This picture are the former directors of the Nokia Cable Factory in Helsinki. Now the building serves as the biggest "home" of artists in Finland. Lots of small companies and institutions there as well.

Kongres Gospodarcza 2014 Katowice.

Late night bus 830 from Bytom to Katowice. July 2013.

Air-gun shooting in Somero 1982.

There are a lot of things I can´t remember in this picture. We were all drunk, at least I was. We were sitting in the camping site´s café (the only place which served beer so late) in Lesko, a small town in the most Southern East part of Poland. I don't even remember which year this picture was taken, late eighties or early nineties. It was also very late that night. The only thing I really remember was that I was a bit jealous to the Canadian-Polish guy who was flirting with the girl from the town Ustrzyki Dolne.

My friend Carmen´s grandmother had a lover. The only present she ever got from the lover was this dog. Madrid 1983.

Vanity Chair. This picture was taken also in Madrid. We came to a restaurant for to eat and I pointed out this girl sitting there and asked her if I can take a photograph of her. She answered without saying anything by posing this way.

Yolanda and Victoria, two prostitutes in Barrio Chino, Barcelona 1996.